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The beauty industry offers an array of career possibilities from hairstylist, manicurist, esthetician, barber, style and sales consultant, salon owner, educator, and much more.  Financing options for tuition are available through grants, scholarships, and payment plans. Unlike other schools, Pure Beauty Institute will not surprise you with hidden cost. Our options to graduate debt free are open and honest. We  have designed our tuition cost around each program length that students would have an affordable option for certification. You will not have a high cost repayment loan at the

 end of your training.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Pure Beauty Institute to provide superior, accessible, affordable training to students in a diverse environment that is conducive to learning, growing, building beauty professionals that are needed in todays growing industry.  



Tuition $12,000.00

Deposit  $1000.00

Registration Fee $150.00

Cosmetology course is a 1500 hour Illinois requirement. 

The program length is 12-14  months with a full-time flex schedule .

Upon completion student will be eligible to sit for the Illinois Cosmetology state board. Cosmetology includes units of hair, skin, nail care as well as the general sciences associated with each section. 

Students will learn business fundamentals necessary to be successful in the field of choice. 


Tuition $4000.00

Deposit $650.00

Registration Fee $150.00

Nail Technology is a 350 hour Illinois State requirement. 

The program length is 4-6 months. 

Upon completion students will be eligible to sit for the Illinois Nail Technology state board.

The program is designed to train students in basic manipulative skills, safety judgements, proper work habits as well the the positive welcoming attitude necessary for careers in the field.


Tuition $8,000.00

Deposit $800.00

Registration Fee $150.00

Esthetics course is a 750 hour Illinois requirement. 

The program length is 8-10 months. 

Upon completion students will be eligible to sit for the Illinois Esthetics state board exam.

Skin is the canvas, so it is vital that students know how to care for it inside and out. The course will train students on the basic of skincare to the industry's hottest make up application trends. Each student will learn in theory and practice as well as develop their creative style.


Cosmetology $6000.00

Deposit $600.00

Esthetic $4000.00

Deposit $400.00

Nail Technology $3000.00

Deposit $300.00

Registration Fee $150.00

We offer and encourage all of our students and colleagues to take their certification to the next level. Each program can be extended for the Instructor certification. Experience is the BEST teacher and also an amazing way to give back to the industry. Just as you watch a movie a second time you notice information that was not cognizant the first time. Teaching builds a stronger understanding as well as great networking abilities within the industry. 


Cosmetology 250 Hour $1000.00

Esthetic 120 Hour $480.00

Nail Technology 80 Hour $320.00

Registration Fee $150.00

"Balance due at registration"

We offer the 250,120 & 80 hour Illinois refresher course. The course is designed for professionals in need of meeting renewal requirements or as state board exam preparation.



What our customers are saying

Love this place! Everyone was so friendly and you can tell they love doing hair  and the amount of great effort they put in towards their clients. My hair was damaged really bad and my stylist Gabby was able to make my hair look healthy and fresh.

Shaionica Speight

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